Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

When it comes to a good scheduled maintenance plan, oil changes and tune-ups are essential for a healthy vehicle. You can depend on Accurate Auto in Hillsboro, OR for all your oil change and other maintenance needs. We will help you navigate the endless array of motor oil choices out there, and our experienced technicians know exactly when your oil needs to be topped off. If you don’t get your oil changed regularly, it can wreak serious havoc on your engine. The same applies to your spark plugs, so make sure that you bring your car in for a tune-up per your manufacturer recommendations.

If the oil in your engine becomes dirty or clogged, it can cause the whole thing to overheat and may even cause serious damage. This will result in some pretty expensive repair costs for you. Make sure you pay close attention to how your car runs and if it’s making more noises than usual, it could mean that the oil isn’t lubricating parts like it should. If your oil looks extremely dark, it might be time to change it. Ideally, clean motor oil should have a light honey-colored hue. Any buildup in your oil can turn into sludge that can cause serious damage to several parts inside the engine. Make sure your oil levels are correct and that the oil is clean. If not, bring it in and we’ll perform a fast and affordable oil and filter change.

You can count on the professionals at Accurate Auto for all your maintenance needs. That includes regular tune-ups, where will we check the distributor cap and spark plugs. If the plugs are clogged or damaged, it can cause your engine to misfire. You might need to have the plugs and cap replaced, or you could just be in need of a fuel injection system flush. Either way, we will make sure that your vehicle is getting the care it needs to run smoothly whenever you drive.

Don’t forget to have your wheels aligned, too. As the alignment starts to become uneven, it can affect your car’s handling and the tread on your tires. When you experience uneven tread wear, you might end up with a flat tire or worse, a dangerous blowout. Replacing tires will cost a lot more than a regularly scheduled alignment. Call us for more information about the many different services you should be doing to keep your vehicle well-maintained. With proper care, your car should last you for thousands of miles to come.

For all your automotive service and repair needs, visit Accurate Auto in Hillsboro, OR and give us a call at 503-850-2878 today to schedule an appointment.


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